Colourful Gems in IGT’s Bejeweled Online Slot

This is a slot game based on a mobile puzzle game that grew to ridiculous heights of popularity. Translated onto a slot format by developers IGT, Bejeweled the slot was borne and the result is pretty good. Certainly full of colours this slot stays true to the mobile game it is based on, and so instead of featuring actual reels and symbols, the gems simply drop down to fill the places, still in comprehensible and definable rows and columns. As such this is still a 5 reel slot with 10 pay lines.

The betting in this game is classic IGT, in that it offers a fairly wide spectrum of betting, particularly on the lower end of the scale and with he intention of catering to most players. Despite the fact that the entire set of symbols consists of gems, with the exception of the Wild symbol, there are also coherent rankings of values attached to each. Besides the Wild there is not much in terms of bonuses except for one that follows the original mobile game’s gameplay structure.

Bejeweled Theme as an Online Slot

The game that this slot is based on is played by switching gems in a grid, where matching adjacent gems disappear and allow the ones above to then drop down. As a mobile game it saw some serious popularity and there were many different variations on the same notion. As a slot game developed by IGT it is colourful, clear and concise. The betting options and the like are laid out visibly along the bottom of the slot and each gem, while simple, has a particular colour and lustre to it. The sound effects are not over bearing and serve to highlight big moments on the screen, particularly helpful in a slot like Bejeweled where there is a rather different setup. Otherwise the theme is pretty straightforward, keeping true to the original rather than experimenting too much.

There is not much to say on the specific symbols, as apart from the Wild they’re all gems. Without the fixed border that reels on slots usually adopt these gems do have a surreal quality about them, just floating there waiting to drop down. The betting and pay lines work the same as in a normal slot game, with the number of lines selected, the coin and line stake size choices all being up for edit.

Gemstone Bonus Features in Bejeweled Slot

There aren’t many bonus features in this Bejeweled slot game, but the few there are can have some real impact. There is a Wild symbol in this slot, which is the game logo symbol. Like in most slots this symbol can substitute for other game symbols to form combinations. In this game it simply becomes the most advantageous gemstone it can. There is also a sizeable jackpot attached to this symbol.

The main feature in this slot occurs throughout the game. Whenever a combination occurs on the screen, the gems involved in it disappear and those above them drop down into these places, with more filling in from above. This then keeps occurring if more wins are formed and so can understandably make for a series of extensive wins.