Spiñata Grande

Exciting Mexican Theme in Spiñata Grande Slot

This is quite an interesting set theme choice from developers NetEnt in that it takes the tradition of the Piñata and all this entails into its stride as a Mexican themed slot game. From the moment players open this Spiñata Grande slot game they will realise the theme style involved and notice all the different aspects of this style playing a part in this design. From the backdrop comprising largely desert with a few notable aspects attributed to this specifically tailored theme, to the appropriate theme music that does a significant job in attributing excitement to the actions on the reels. Even the reel layout and presentation plays a pivotal role in this theme setup that players will experience with this Spiñata Grande slot game.

The gameplay of this slot is fairly straightforward, comprising of the more usual suspects involved in NetEnt online slots like 5 reels, a goodly set of 40 fixed pay lines and of course a range of betting options for players to whet their whistle. An interesting feature of this gameplay that does make it rather unique as well as add a further bit of fun is the colossal symbols that can appear on the reels. These symbols take up a couple of squares on the screen, even across reels, which can allow for more significant combinations. This is coupled with the Spiñata Grande free spins feature involved, making it quite a potentially rewarding process.

Taking another Look at the Theme Choice

The tradition of putting on a blindfold and then trying to hit a Piñata filled with various treats is one that has spread around the world to some degree and whilst originating in Mexico this classic is rather appealing to all. On the reels of this Spiñata Grande slot game this traditional game is rather quite involved, not just with the pun in the title of the slot but throughout the theme’s various aspects. This includes as part of the backdrop and of course as various symbols on the reels. This NetEnt slot game has been instilled with some competent graphics that highlight the various aspects of the theme as well as the vivid colours employed on the screen.

Allowing for a more direct route to the theme and ultimately winning on the reels are the symbols involved and in this Spiñata Grande slot this includes four notably styled Piñatas of various animals. These include a donkey, fish, a bull and even a bird, which makes for quite impressive images on the reels, especially when in their colossal forms. There is also a few brightly coloured playing card symbols.

The Bonuses in Spiñata Grande NetEnt Slot

Alongside the Mexican theme, the straightforward and yet unique gameplay there is also a bonus feature or two. In this Spiñata Grande the main feature to talk about is the free spins hich are triggered through a mini reels slot feature and enables players to try and win as many of these spins as they can, alongside a few other bonuses prizes along the way. The notable thing about this bonus symbol is that it only appears as a colossal symbol on the reels.