Fast Paced Space Slots Action with Supernova

Supernova, created by QuickSpin, is an online slot machine game. It is simpler then other, similar slot machine games, but will still keep player’s entranced with its professional soundtrack and impressive graphics. It also features a highly innovative and unique play system, which is not seen other slot machine games. Note that this game may be played on your mobile device, as well as on a desktop computer or laptop. In order to play on a home computer, simply open the game via your browser and it will automatically load. If the game fails to load, please install the latest Flash software, which will instantly plug into your browser.

Simple But Engrossing

The standard slot machine rules apply to Supernova, requiring the player make an initial bet, after which the reels are spun. If matching sequences are created in the main play area a payout will be made, depending on the value of the sequence. The initial bet may be lowered or raised via the interface at the bottom of the screen, as would be expected. What makes Supernova instantly different, besides the minimal amount of tiles and relatively small play area, which consists of just three reels, is the added extra section.

In this added section is a series of multipliers, placed among black hole tiles. Upon a win being achieved in the main window, the first set of multipliers will activate and spin. The extra reel may stop on a black hole, or one of the multipliers. A multiplier will obviously increase the initial win, while a black hole will grant nothing. If the first extra reel is a success, the second will spin, granting a second chance to increase the initial win even further. This unique play system is both interesting and engaging, sure to offer a new experience for both veteran and casual slot machine players.

Standard Tiles And bonus Tiles

Supernova has surprisingly few tiles, all of which are basic, but easily recognisable. There are three nova tiles, with the gold being the most valuable, and three atom tiles, with the orange being the most valuable. The tiles must match with each other to grant an initial win, and start the bonus reels spinning. For more information on the tiles, simply click the paytable button, which can be found in the bottom right of the screen. Don’t forget to also look out for the wild tile, easily identifiable by the prominent word wild which is displayed. A wild tile may match with any other tile, creating a winning sequence where none was possible previously. You may get two standard tiles and a wild, to create a matching sequence of three.

User Interface And Design

The controls of the game are located at the bottom of the screen, as well as the relevant information. The current balance is displayed, as well as the current bet. The single circular arrow activates one manual spin, while the autoplay button, directly below the single spin button, will allow for a number of automatic spins in a row. You may activate automatic spins up to a total of one thousand. Note that the spins will stop if a major win is achieved.