The Epic Journey

Seek Adventure In The Epic Journey

The Epic Journey Slot machine game, designed by QuickSpin, is an amazingly well created online game playing experience. Featuring a professionally designed set of graphics, as well as a stunning movie quality soundtrack, the game is sure to dazzle and enthral online gamblers everywhere. Professional level animations and special effects are also used, announcing each win with a breathtaking display that is sure to keep the player spinning again and again. Note that this game may be played on your mobile phone, laptop, home computer, or tablet.

The Epic Journey – Play Rules

The game follows the classic rules of casino slot machines. The player must make an initial starting bet, the amount of which can be changed via the window and arrows found near the bottom of the screen. Once the bet is decided upon, the player simply needs to click the spin button, represented by a circular arrow and found in the bottom right of the screen. Note that the reels will now spin and a random selection of tiles will be displayed. If any of the visible tiles create a matching sequence, from left to right in the play area, the sequence will be marked by a solid line and a payout will instantly be granted. Some tiles have a higher value then others, and depending on the sequence created a greater or lesser payout is applicable. Keep in mind, however, that certain tiles have special bonus features, and may be used in a sequence to get bigger payouts, free spins, or other special bonus features.

The Epic Journey – Icons Used

The beautifully designed tiles feature well drawn characters, each of which has a specific value. Match at least three of these images in a row to trigger a payout. Plus, unlike other slot games that feature playing card symbols, the Epic Journey Instead has a selection of gems, each assigned a value lower then the character tiles. The real stars of the game, however, are the bonus and special feature tiles, which trigger very lucrative bonus sequences.

Bonus Tiles And Special Features

The drill machine tiles and volcano tiles are ones you will be hoping to see as much as possible. The drill machine, or bonus tiles, if matched three or more times will trigger a blind choice of four bonus sequences. Each of these sequences involves a simple mini-game, including the Mushroom Forest, where the player selects from one of three payouts, The Fossil Hunt, where free spins gather shovel tiles for payouts, the Coin Bonus, which simply grants a large payout, or the Free Spins Bonus, which allows for multiple free spins to gather winnings. Also take note of the wild tiles in the game, which include the woolly mammoth, tyrannosaurus rex, and water monster, all of which grant specific multipliers when used in a matching sequence.  If you would like more information about the winning sequence, either click the playtable button, found at the bottom left of the screen, or contact the customer support centre of the website on which you play.