The Top Social Slots on Facebook and Real Money Options

The Top Social Slots on Facebook and Real Money Options

Slots games are properly suited to technological devices of all sorts, but are especially appreciated by players who favour using mobile devices for their casino play. Mobile game play has blossomed with the market itself, and it was only ever a question of when Facebook would get involved.

All around the world legislation is changing regarding online casino play. Given that this is the case, anybody considering the top social slots on Facebook and real money options should always be alert to new developments, as things are constantly changing and can do so quite quickly.

Played for Fun and Entertainment

The top social slots on Facebook are played for Facebook credits only, unless the players are resident in the UK. Only then does any real money options come into effect. There are now many widespread Facebook slots that players from around the world enjoy, such as Slot City, Slotomania, Slot+, Slots Fever and Jackpot Slots. These are generally free slots games.

The top social slots on Facebook and real money options are increasing in popularity. There are already regular promotions with offers of free spins, bonus rounds, mini games, prizes and gifts. In true Facebook fashion, these offers are part of the mobile slots maturity by becoming regularly installed applications.

The Availability of Apps

Numerous mobile casino app developers are already offering free mobile games with all the latest features such as multiple pay lines, second screen games, and solid jackpots included. The apps themselves are often provided at a price, but all the games thereafter are free.

An example of a top social slot on Facebook is Slot City by Dragonplay. This is available to all players as a free Vegas style slots app. More than 5 million people have installed the app. The slots game itself features expanding wilds, bonus coins, and daily spins. Another slots game, an Android specific slots game, with 40 pay lines called Slots Fever, provides players with 200 free coins every two hours.

Facebook credits are used may be used in order to buy virtual items on the social site such as games, e-greeting cards, virtual pets and their food. These credits are never going to be as useful as real money, and this is why players prefer online casinos when they want to play for real money. Many casino sites are working on developing interactive social communities too.

Real Money Options

The top social slots on Facebook and real money options become an option only if players are 18 years or older and reside in the United Kingdom. There is a game called ‘Bingo & Slotz Friendzy’ that allows players to compete for real money in a 90-ball bingo game. Players around the world need not despair, because this is likely just the start of these real money games.

Playing on a mobile phone is something most people seem to do all day. Casino gaming is on the rise, as is social network site usage, and particularly Facebook usage. The top social slots on Facebook and real money options may not yet be an established item, but it should be expected that this form of virtual entertainment is more likely to increase than decrease in the coming years.